Sunday, 25 September 2016

Cornalusa 09.24.2016 at the medieval fair in Vitoria-Gasteiz

From left to right: Raquel Gama, Luís Serrano, Rui Taborda
and Emmanuel Taborda
This will probably a short post. I was just a passer-by and didn't enjoy the complete show, but when my friend and I came across this band playing, we decided to stay, and I don't regret having done so.
Cornalusa in action!!
Just four guys, dressed in medieval style clothes, with their instruments, and they were enough to have the kids and also adults around them clapping their hands and paying all their attention to the thing going on. What caught our attention in the beginning were the joyful notes of a couple of bagpipes. Then we saw everything: Raquel and Emanuel playing the bagpipes, Luis playing his bouzouki and Rui on the davul (definitely, he was my favourite, as he produced the sounds of a whole drumset on just one instrument). Later on, I also noticed the rattle placed on Emanuel's ankle, which added not only a richer rhythm but the fun of seeing him dance to make the rattle sound. No doubt, this folk band were 100% attitude, energy and dedication, which they transmitted to the casually gathered audience (being a metalhead myself, I must say something maybe out of the ordinary: they were more metal with that attitude and will than some self-called metal bands out there). At the end of the show, which I felt was short, partly because I didn't attend from the beginning, I couldn't help but buy their album, which I'm gonna devour as though there were no tomorrow. I'll leave you a short footage of their show yesterday, so that you can also enjoy!
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