Sunday, 31 January 2016

Bryan Adams 01.29.2016 at BEC Bizkaia Arena, Barakaldo

Watching a concert from the seats in the venue (a stadium in this case) is like watching from outside, but without being outside actually. A roaring wave comes from behind and carries you into the flowing energy that is going down to the court

yard, where more people stand up to see their beloved artist but, at the same time, you can observe the vibe that surrounds the atmosphere. And then it starts.
I must say that I am not a big fan of this man, after half an hour all the songs sound more or less the same, except for some fragments that are rhythmically and musically attractive to me. However, the fact that he can have the audience so engaged from the very beginning is a very positive point to highlight. There were ballads, more rock-like, and popish songs to complete a really balanced show. The effects and scenography were also undeniably well elaborated. In other words, I can tell you it was indeed an enjoyable show.
What I remember the most amazing of all, were a couple of moments that were close to ecstatic. Usually, the artists tell the people to sing with them in the middle of the song, or that's what I am used to, but this time he told the audience to sing the song from the beginning. And I was in awe to hear how 18000 people could sing along, almost perfectly in tune and with an intensity that needed no microphony system to be heard from up high where I was. It's definitely something that makes a deep impression. Then, near the end of the show, we were told to hold up our mobile phones with the flashlight on. Again, an epic moment. So many of us had the lights on that no other light had to illuminate the venue, plus it all seemed like a starry bright sky. One could really feel the energy.
So, as I said in the beginning, I may not be a great fan, but I must recognise that I indeed enjoyed the show to the very last moment!