Sunday, 18 October 2015

Metalmania 10.10.2015 at Azkena, Bilbao

As a friend of mine says, a cover band is meant to be an almost sure success. A cover band give their best in order to sound like their idols, and thus, quality is ensured. But I guess this concert was a level beyond. Let me show you...

First of all, I must admit (though pretty ashamed) that I arrived late, due to some let's say technical problems. But it was a two-hour-and-a-half show and I enjoyed two full hours of it. It wasn't even a problem to arrive in the middle of a song. Fortunately or not, the audience wasn't at their highest level of enthusiasm, so I had the opportunity to see the adrenaline rising, minute by minute, note by note.
The venue was pretty small, but it had its advantages. There was a friendly atmosphere, comfy, and fellowship filled the air. Nothing could be better when the singer, Heny, encouraged all of us to approach the stage and even sit down on it (I was there, sat just in front of him) in order to sing Nothing else matters together. It was definitely a magic spell.
Another great moment came hand in hand with Master of puppets, one of Metallica's best known songs. "Master! Master!". Even without a microphone our voices were well heard in the bar. It was also funny to see how the guitarists and the bassist got off the stage to stroll through the audience playing their part. And, of course, hits such as Whiskey in the jar (which brought some of the happiest memories to my mind), Sad but true, Battery, or The day that never comes couldn't just be left out of the setlist. To sum up, they made a good choice.
However, although the fun is a key part of a musical show, it's not everything. What really made the concert be an extraordinary event, was the combination of this emotional part with their technical skills. I can't get out of my head especially the powerful voice of Heny, or the perfectly defined bass lines Sergio played. To put it simple, they were playing Metallica to the last consequence, and they did so more than amazingly.