Sunday, 19 October 2014

Edguy + Masterplan 10.18.2014 at Santana 27, Bilbao

I could summarise the whole show in just two words: Fucking Awesome. But then you would start wondering why, for sure. So let's tell you a little bit.

First of all, we had the German band Masterplan. To tell the truth, I didn't even know what to expect from them, for I had only listened to the last album, just by chance and while doing something else. But I ended up freaking out and enjoying their share of the show just as if I knew every song. In fact, I must confess that what I paid most attention to was the bass player. His playing was absolutely perfect and the bass lines were melodic, complex and totally out of the ordinary.
One couldn't say less of the rest of the band who were putting their heart and soul into every single note they were playing. Great voice, exciting drumming and guitars, extraordinary bass lines and a keybordist making fun of everything. There was a good vibe between the members and that definitely reflected on the audience, who made the venue shake out of emotion. I definitely went back home converted into a Masterplan fan.

Then it was the turn for Edguy. Once again, I must confess: I was excited about the show, but, although I love Edguy, it wasn't one of the bands I would give everything to see live. Until yesterday. I'm not exaggerating if I say that I was deeply impressed by the quality of the show, and that I was so exhausted at the end of it that I couldn't even stand on my feet. The only bad thing was that the show lasted for too short (Although I don't know. Had it been longer, I could've died of tiredness).

The setlist was carefully selected, presenting the most representative songs in the last album (Space Police- Defenders of the Crown) without forgetting about the most symbolic hits of the band (King of Fools, Lavatory Love Machine, Tears of A Mandrake...). For the pleasure of my ears, Rock Me Amadeus was included and we all sang and danced to its rhythm and melody.

As far as sound is concerned, I was absolutely surprised by how well everything sounded. Only the voice had to sound louder, but I guess that perception was due to my position. (I was in the front rows). Tobias did a perfect performance, singing every note in tune and every high pitch perfect (with a magnific sustain and well centered and projected into the crowd). As for the rest, no single note wrong, out of time or tune, and choirs were accurately performed by Tobias Exxel, Dirk and Jens (with special regard to Space Police which is no piece of cake, and the "game" between the voices was really nice).

We also enjoyed funny speeches from Sammet (and even funnier improvised vocals that we had to repeat, as though it was an "even more difficult" kind of game) and a nice drum medley with Felix performing even the famous Imperial March (Star Wars). It was also exciting and motivating to know that this show was being recorded, so we, the audience, gave our 110%, and definitely beat Madrid audience. Definitely. For sure they were emotioned by the warmness received from us.

At last we ended this incredible night with a warm and sincere promise of having them here again. We hope that happens soon.