Sunday, 25 May 2014

Edguy- Space Police: Defenders of the Crown

Space Police: Defenders of the Crown is the title of the new Edguy album. Released on 18th April 2014, it could be named the best in their career (also according to Sammet's opinion). While it is true that it sounds heavier than usual, even heavier than Mandrake, released in 2001, it is worth saying that it still remains burlesque and full of joy. It maintains the atmosphere of every Edguy's album up to date.

On the one hand, we can well find some epic tracks, for instance the one that gives name to the album: Defenders of the Crown. It shows a range of musical resources (musical lines, vocal performance...) that could be found in any of Avantasia's albums, specially the ones belonging to the Scarecrow saga. On the other hand, we find the typical funny songs, as is the case of Love Tyger. It reminds me of Trinidad (from Rocket Ride, 2006) or Lavatory Love Machine (from Hellfire Club, 2004).
One of the best things that I can say of this musical masterpiece, is that Tobias Sammet has done an astonishing job on vocals. He shows us his best version of himself, with very well controlled high-pitched notes in the right places, and an almost lyrical voice in some moments, but without giving up his usual singing. Not less surprising is his performance of Rock Me Amadeus by Falco, which he sings in a slightly deeper vocal range, and once again, perfectly. I must say it is a very well done cover, that lives up to the expectations of an Edguy fan and doesn't change the original version dramatically and to worse.
Within this wide range of songs, one won't miss the rock and hard rock stuff. We have Alone in Myself, which is a beautiful rock ballad or Aychim in Hysteria, whose atmosphere reminds me of Gotthard or Def Leppard. But, once again without losing that Edguy thing.
And at last, but not least, there's something I'd like to mention, beacuse it is something important to me, and I usually pay attention to it when listening to music. This album has beatiful bass melodic lines. Not only does it contribute to the heavy, and slightly dark sound of the album, but it also gains great importance at some points, as in the track The Eternal Wayfarer.
And this is all for this first post. I hope you enjoy it.