Sunday, 17 July 2016

INDIX 07.15.2016 at Portu Zaharra, Portugalete

Demo cover

My friend and I arrive in the venue in a quiet night, half an hour before the beginning. A wild sound check breaks the silence and I laugh: it seems they're giving the concert for all the town from there. We go for a walk and come back just five minutes before it is due to start, but it seems that not so many people have heard the call. Finally, ten minutes later, the guys decide they can't wait any longer, and it's time to start enjoying the music.

The venue is pretty small, they almost have no room to move freely. but all that is compensated by the homely atmosphere that connects the band and the (reduced) audience. It still takes a bit longer for them to get everything prepared, and I think to myself: this is a bit unprofessional; however, I don't give it too much importance.
From left to right: Jonba, Jarris, Aritz and
The first notes are heard and I am still, just paying attention, not knowing exactly what to expect, even if I have listened to their first demo. The few people there are also waiting for something and they don't move to the first riffs the band are laying. But soon the energy fills the bar. Every time I see this I get moved deep down my heart: we're five, six... ten people maybe? And they are playing wildly, as if they were headlining Hellfest or Wacken Open Air. To sum it up in just one sentence: their energy couldn't be contained in such a small place.
Nevertheless, during the first three songs, I am still trying to take in all that they are offering, paying more attention to each line and rhythm than to enjoying the music itself, and worried because someone was about to step on the cables and fall down almost continuously (this was quite funny, to be honest). Then the magical turning point arrives. The first notes of Eutanasia sound, and a bit later, there's no way back, I'm totally into it. Only a sentence hits me in the head once and over again, like a desperate scream: "Ez da eskubide bat duintasunez hiltzea?" (Isn't it our right to die with dignity?). And I also start paying attention to other details, such as the performance that goes with each song and gives it a whole new dimension...
Güito at the end of 'Azti maestro'
I can't help but smile with the next song, Ez dago ezer (There's nothing). I like the nihilistic meaning behind, personal and recognizable mark of one of their guitarists and friend of mine. And his absent look at the end of it, while playing as though he were a robot, just makes me shiver. And from then, I just let myself go crazy with every single riff, every single note, song, joke, word, everything.
The concert ends and I try to sum up all the sensations. They've got so much potential. The sound, technically speaking, wasn't at its best, the voice was at some points hard to understand, but the venue wasn't acoustically appropriate either. So, all in all, it was an unforgettable night, and I'm glad I finally attended an INDIX show.
You can find about INDIX and all their material in the following sites:

Finally, I'd love to thank my friend Rober Villanueva for taking amazing pics for this review.

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